Voluntary Recall Notice: 
Owners of Seduction 2.0™(2019-2020) are encouraged to 
stop using the product and prepare it for return to nobEssence 
or its’ original point of sale.
What is happening? 
We are participating in a voluntary recall of the nobessence® Seduction 2.0™ exotic hardwood massage apparatus in coordination our valued distribution and resale partners. As Seduction 2.0 popularity grew, we received a report from a reseller detailing their discovery of a broken unit in a sealed giftbox with tight elastic bands.  
As a result, we’ve devised new product testing methodologies, are redesigning packaging, and modifying standards with regard to product dimensions and wood species utilization.  
The safety and comfort of every customer is a top priority. As part of this commitment we are now offering to replace all Seduction 2.0s with Seduction 3.0™ as they become available in late 2021-early 2022. 
Is my Seduction 2.0 part of the recall? 
Yes.  Due to the potential of bodily harm, all nobEssence black palm species Seduction 2.0 sold between August 2019 and July 2021 are subject to this recall and replace initiative. 
Where can I learn more about the Seduction 3.0? 
Seduction 3.0 is in production but due to worldwide supply chain disruptions may not be ready until Valentines Day 2022.  All RMA recipients will receive monthly updates. 
How much does the Seduction 3.0 cost? 
The Seduction 3.0 has a MSRP of $186, but is free with the return of each Seduction 2.0. 
Do I need to stop using my Seduction 2.0? 
You should immediately stop using Seduction 2.0, and contact nobessence to reserve your free Seduction 3.0. 
I am a reseller, having purchased Seduction 2.0 from an authorized distributor.  What are my recall options? 
Of greatest importance is identifying and communicating the details of this recall to those persons who’ve received a Seduction 2.0 from you between August 2019 and July 2021.  
To return unsold inventory, please contact Entrenue or nobEssence for resale-specific recall options/instructions. 
For more specific information regarding this recall program, please visit our Seduction 2.0 Recall Page.