Our Mission

We are guided by a mission to supply safe, sensual sculptures that provide: Functional Quality - as befits the standards of heirloom and museum quality products that work. Health & Sustainability. Pleasure - as a natural and healthy means of self-knowing, becoming, sharing and connecting. 

Functional Quality; what we do.

We hand-select our woods, carve, and meticulously polish all our sculptures using the highest American standards of craftsmanship. Our silky-smooth, state-of-the-art, bio-compatible Lubrosity™ finishes ensure that your intimate time is expended in stimulation, not sterilization.  (paragraph should enforce functional quality)

Health & Sustainability; how we do it.

nobEssence® is an innovative supplier of premium hand-sculpted organic, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing products from sustainably managed/farmed exotic hardwoods. (enforce health and sustainability) add info about non toxic non pourous, no electonics, etc.

Natural Pleasure; why we do it.

The real pleasure's in the feel. NobEssence™ Sculptures are smoothly sensual - and their luxurious texture's perfect for getting into the mood with playful stroking or a full body massage. The slightest spot of lubrication makes them slick and slippery - compatible with all known lubricants - a little goes a long way. And, because wood is a natural insulator, the temperature will not be what elicits a gasp upon first contact. Our woods soon warm in response to your passion and retain your heat. (This paragraph should enforce Natural Pleasure

A Women's Circle; how we got started.

nobEssence® has its origins in a South Bay women’s circle whose discourse spawned the creation of a natural non-realistic self-discovery tool for those recovering from sexual trauma. Founder, British doula Alicia enticed her lover to provide an offering to her circle’s consideration. The Tryst™, Romp™ and Seduction™ were born.

Under a misty full moon, a San Francisco Bay-area women’s circle met to lift one another up in their pursuit of bettering the lives of women though their individual callings. Discussing practical assistance which might be rendered a client wanting to re-introduce the sensation of penetration without exposure to cues (realistic dildo) associated with sexual trauma – they were all surprised upon discovering trauma as one of many reasons one might desire a long-term relationship with a discreet highly-functional tool.

Alicia agreed to do some research and present her findings the next time the circle gathered. That research included eliciting the support of her lover to rapidly prototype shapes that were natural, aesthetically pleasing, discreet and worked. Shapes persons want to connect with in and out of the bedroom. To be held. Touched. Gazed upon -- to be part of a lifetime(s) practice of dilation, toning and massage.

These birth educators, doulas, midwives, therapists, and yoga instructors had no idea their musings would give birth to nobEssence a movement to increase personal capacity to experience and share pleasure. 14-years on, nobEssence makes their shapes available at distribution prices to licensed therapists and ordained ministers for the betterment of those in their care.

nob​ˈes·​sence | /näbˈe-sᵊn(t)s/ pronoun. def. essence of nob (British slang: penis), without the nob.


Just some of the sweet somethings being whispered in our ear (and all over the internet).

I like it, it's subtle like an Aneros, but you can sit on it and walk around and everything and its always comfortable. And you can wear it in either direction (turn the longer part of the base facing your "forwards" direction during sex and backwards for all-day wear).

Within the first couple of hours I knew this toy was going to replace all my others! The large end didn’t do anything for me, but the smaller bulb...HOLY COW! I always had trouble finding the right spot with other g-spot toys, but this goes RIGHT to it! No guessing, no fussing, no wiggling, jiggling, just BAM! 

 It reminds me a bit of a queen bee's stinger in its shape, honestly. It's smooth and girthy and tapered and so damn pleasant. Of course, I'm giving kudos for the wood itself. Wood is so light, it's pleasant to use and hold, having all the firmness of glass or stone without the weight.