It’s our state-of-the-art trade secret, trademarked process and range of biocompatible polymer coatings developed by nobEssence®, that when applied to material surfaces, results in a wonderfully lubricious surface that is waterproof, scent-free, odor-defying, and compatible with commercial lubricants and antiseptics.

Lubrosity isn’t just important to us because safety is a guiding light for the company. Similarly, it’s not just important to us because customers view it as a ‘must have’ product attribute when considering a body-safe wooden pleasure product. Lubrosity is also a real game-changer that provides us with a key means of differentiating our premium pleasure products from other brands and gives us a genuine sustainable competitive advantage. It’s no surprise that we’re seen as the category leaders with the knowledge to talk authoritatively and with unrivalled credibility about matters of sex toy safety concerning natural substances.


There's something instinctively primal about leather.  Imposing unnatural uniformity by shaving, trimming, painting and sanding is anathema to the aficionado.

Our full-grain leather selections preserve every insect bite, bramble scratch, fence post rub, and fiery brand that's left its mark.  They're naturally beautiful, aromatic and durable. Holding, rubbing, and caressing will add to their rich individual patina.


Alive in sun, earth, wind, water and reborn in fire, they're Nature's batteries - storing and releasing energy throughout their life cycle.

They formed the basis of ancient technology and remain a vital source of nourishment, shelter, sustenance and satisfaction. Their diversity ensures Makers, Eronoughts and Connoisseurs alike delight in their textures, temperatures, aesthetics, weights, aromas, ideas and sensations.